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Holm Astrology


Holm Astrology Level II Astrology courses are being held April 3, 17, 24, May 1, 8, 15, 29, June 5, 12 and 19, 2023. 

Please note that if you have not studied Astrology previously, our Holm Astrology’s Beginner’s Course is a prerequisite. Watch for announcements of the Beginner’s course in the future. If you are interested in taking our Beginner's course, please contact us to advise.

The Level II Astrology Course will consist of ten classes, the main focus of which is transits and we will be touching on progressions.

Classes will be $25.00 each. If you wish to pay for the full ten classes, the costs will be reduced to $225 for a $25.00 discount.

Payment can be made on at our webstore or in person.

There will be detailed notes emailed after each class. The course is in depth with plenty of class participation. Unlike the beginner’s course, there is an in-class test at the end of Level II.

Students are urged to take notes during each class but as mentioned there will be detailed notes for each subject covered in class emailed following class.



In class one, we will discuss what is referred to as major configurations within the natal chart. Some of these would include the Stellium, the Grand Trine, the Grand Square, the Kite Formation, the T-Square and others.


In class two, we will discuss the Sun and Moon interactions within the natal chart. We will also discuss the Sun’s interactions to other planets. We will go into detail with the energies of the Sun sign and its house position.

We will also discuss the Moon and its aspects within the natal chart, its sign and house position.

We will discuss planetary patterns found within the natal chart e.g. the bowl configuration, the splash pattern, the bucket and others.


We will discuss how to determine planetary strength within the natal chart. The Sun’s ruling planet and its house position, the ascendants ruling planet and its house position.

We will discuss in great detail about the transits of the planet Jupiter. We will discuss how it is affecting the charts of some of our students (those that wish to discuss this in detail) and also look at the effects of Jupiter in transit within the natal chart.


We will discuss the effects of a planet found in its own sign or house in the natal chart. We will also speak of the effects of planets (if any) tied to the Ascendant or MC.

We will discuss the transits of Saturn to planets within the natal chart. We will also use, as example, those students who are currently having transiting Saturn affecting their natal chart (with their consent).


We will discuss the effects of stationary planets in the natal chart as well as the effects of stationary planets while in transit.

We will discuss tight aspects within the natal chart and then go into detail with the transits of Uranus through the natal chart and also with the permission of those involved, discuss openly the transits of Uranus and how it is affecting any student’s natal chart.


In class six, we will discuss how to find the Dispositor pattern in the natal chart.

We will also discuss mutual reception and the Moon’s nodes.

We will talk about the transits of Neptune and with consent discuss how transiting Neptune is affecting student’s charts


In class seven, we will discuss the most aspected planet in the natal chart and the most un-aspected planet in the natal chart we well as what influence this may have

We will speak in detail of the transits of Pluto through the natal chart and its effects when in touches other planets.

We will also discuss, with permission, the transit of Pluto on a personal basis with students in class.


In class eight, we will discuss the inner planets in transit through the natal chart and also speak of hemisphere emphasis within the natal chart.

We will have a review of the transits and address any questions students may have in preparation for the test in class nine.


We will be having an in-house test on the subjects we have been covered throughout the course. This test will determine how the students are advancing in the Level II and will indicate area that need further review before moving on to Level III.

The test will also be a good indicator of how well students are at deciphering the natal chart together with any transits taking place within a natal chart at any point in time.


In our final class, we will be reviewing the test answers and address any questions students may have. The tests will be returned to the students and we will have an open discussion on the information gains from the Level II course.

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