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Holm Astrology

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Oral CTI Reading (Long Distance Telephone)


We offer a traditional mathematically calculated Astrological transit and progression report reading partnered with a 12 card Astrology Oracle card reading which is based on the same premise as Tarot cards but specific to Astrology. The guidance and insight in the Astrology CTI reading is obtained from the traditionally calculated Transiting and Progressing planets in the Astrology chart and from your higher self as reflected by the Oracle cards you turn up from the deck.

These are oral readings and there will be no printed material provided. Clients are welcome to record their readings.

Tradition and the higher self come together to reveal what you need to know.

We will require you birth information ( including an accurate birth time ) prior to the reading. 

If you do not know you birth time, these records may be available through the hospital you were born at. If not, there is a method of calculating birth time. Please see " BIRTH TIME RECTIFICATION"

If you wish to have a Oral CTI Reading in person please use the "Oral CTI Reading (Local)".

Please provide us with 1. your time of birth, 2. date of birth, 3. place of birth and 4. current city location. This information will only be used to create your astrology chart.

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