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Posted by [email protected] on November 14, 2022 at 8:35 PM


Transiting Pluto (Nov/2022) is in Capricorn. It remains there until March 24/23, moving into Aquarius until June 11/23. On June 12 it returns to the sign of Capricorn until January 21/24. It makes one more entry into Capricorn in early September until November 20/24 when it moves into Aquarius for about 20 years.


T Pluto the planet of transformation and regeneration makes a square during its visit in Capricorn to those with their Moon in the later degrees of Libra and Aries. Squares indicate hardships often brought on through aggressive force due to the energies of Pluto. There are no halfway measures with Pluto and in many cases as it contacts planets it changes the area of life permanently determined by the house position. Much depends on the houses involved and how your natal Moon is aspected by natal positions and other transits.


Pluto suggests that transformations are a huge part of the process. When involved with the Moon the emotions are priority and nurturing and caring for family members may be part of the process. It can take up to one year before we clearly understand why these influences took place. Ultimately Pluto bring change where change is needed. Although you may feel at the mercy of life during these times, Pluto often initiates these types of changes with or without your approval, because these events need to occur as old conditions no longer suits your overall development.


When the natal Moon is in Libra squared by T Pluto (23-29° during this period) this may have something to do with justice and fairness involving relationships. Things may have been out of balance and harmony missing. Alignment becomes necessary and changes take place because things are not working properly. This can be personal, or it can have something to do with other people that you might be very close to.


When the N Moon is in Aries it is often very personal and may involve goals in life. Something stands in the way of advancement, and it must be dealt with. You may have to start over again with a renewed outlook although it may be emotionally painful. You should review your natal positioning of Pluto as this will have a strong influence on how the energy manifests.


When it comes to Pluto you may have to go with the flow as it is easier to go with the flow of life than to fight against the current. This current is strong enough eventually it will take you with it with or without your consent. We never suggest giving in without a fight, but Pluto’s energies are so powerful and they push us where we need to go. Accept the lesson.



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