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Posted by [email protected] on November 10, 2022 at 12:25 AM

Much will depend on what sign Jupiter is transiting and the sign of your N Moon along with the houses involved in your personal chart on the outcome of T Jupiter square N Moon. Today, T. Jupiter is 28° Pisces. This aspect runs too deep to explored its full meaning, due to each chart’s variables.


Jupiter regardless of aspect still offers opportunities and it has expansive energies which can help lift people out of issues. Jupiter and Saturn however do not get along well especially by challenging aspects so this often imply extra work and difficulties.


When Jupiter is in square to the Moon, the emotions are highlighted. Sensitivity reigns and heightened energy is directed towards any emotional interaction taking place. Jupiter may expand on these feelings and create some difficulties dealing with what is taking place, but in most cases, Jupiter promotes healing if this is what is required under this influence.


In some cases, because the Moon represents the mother, these challenges revolve around her. She may be experiencing some difficult conditions. Perhaps she is at a stage where she needs to change residence due to her age and a retirement home is in order. The Moon can also speak to nurturing and taking care of others or perhaps helping yourself.


The square implies an obstacle but the beauty of a squares is that they are challenging enough they propel you into action and force you to deal with things. For those that choose not to deal with the issue, it will not go away until T Jupiter is out of orb and some conclusive element has been faced.


This can be an emotionally heightened experience and during these times it is important to recognize that life’s events especially those that are difficult are our greatest teachers. Although things may be very challenging something important is being taught.


Your reaction and attitude will tell the story of how you manage these lessons. Do not attempt to ignore these emotional interactions. There needs to be a time of confrontation when we experience and relate to what is taking place before we react and move ahead. Go through the emotions and experience then confront the challenge and deal with it.


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