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Posted by [email protected] on November 8, 2022 at 4:30 PM

Although the title for this post suggests those that are near and dear to us, it also speaks to those in life that distract us and cause anxiety and unrest. In many cases this speaks directly of family. Your spouse, children, parents, and siblings are all included in this group. Close associates and our “family” of friends are also part of this.


Personally, I find it an honor (for those of us that believe in reincarnation) that we all decided to meet up again. It is believed that most of our close associates can be regulars in our lives as we have been together many times before.


How amazing is it that we again meet and how fortunate are we that this alignment is in place regardless of how the actual relationship functions?


Some friends become closer to us than our blood family and some families are only in place for short periods of time. Each encounter, however, is significant and can be used as a learning tool. We come together for a reason and as we age together, we recognize that life is short, and we should connect through love and affection. Enjoy each other and live life to its fullest.


We are on a path that takes us where our higher self intends us to go since the greatest experiences are found here. Life is measurable by our interaction and our teachers come in many different shapes and sizes. Live your life, share it with as many as you want and know that you are never alone, in life, in spirit and through all the different experiences that life presents us to learn from.


Remember to have fun. Life is not always a serious lesson.


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