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Posted by [email protected] on July 26, 2022 at 10:05 AM

For some of us this life is not on its maiden voyage. We have had several life experiences that have led us to where we are today. Life experiences teach us valuable lessons. It is believed that the soul approaches each life segment with the understanding that the experience will assist in aligning us with our ultimate goal, which some believe is our return to the whole.


We must be open to all possibilities but are entitled to our own beliefs and to accepting what is right for us specifically (and this may not feel right for others).


It is from this perspective that, in the end, we will all likely end up in the same place but through different passages.


Some of us will learn more through hurt or intimidation. Some of us may have resorted to violence or believe that money and what it brings is all that matters. Others may follow ego and not be interested in listening to other people’s perspective. Whatever our path, we will learn valuable lessons from it.


It is believed that the inhabitants of our earth are going through a transformation or transitional stage and that we are the forerunners of an evolutionary quest towards eliminating injustice or aggression. To eliminate something, we must first understand it. Is this why we are experiencing the chaos that we are?


Each of us have our part to play whether it’s teaching the world by example what it does not want to do or what it does want to do.


We can be the examples of freedom of thought and happiness through peace and tranquil solutions. We affect others by our personal actions and how we relate to the outside world. Each step we take towards peace is a step for humanity towards the same goal.


What legacy will your leave behind?


What do your actions promote?


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