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Posted by [email protected] on July 4, 2022 at 10:55 AM

This transit of Pluto to Venus can manifest in several ways. First it speaks in terms of love and romance. Second, it can speak of finances, material possessions and in some cases, artistic pursuits.


With love and romance, it often surfaces challenges within an existing relationship that can be recognized and rectified. It can deepen and bring more security to the relationship as conflicts are dealt with appropriately. If there are difficulties, they usually stem from ego and power struggles. They should be recognized as ego and dealt with. For this to work, both parties must admit some responsibility. Sometimes the relationship seems to be running along perfectly and now under this influence it can become even deeper and more satisfying. The relationship often reaches a new level of understanding and commitment.


If this period brings a new relationship, it may be quite deep and personal with strong sexual energies. The connection may seem familiar or the dialogue may be very deep and personal. The potential for change and evolution for both individuals is heightened (this applies to a new founded relationship or long standing one).


Pluto transforms, regenerates, and speaks of personal change. Its energies can make love relationships profound and with great substance. In general, trines speak of easy flow and a good rapport. This combination brings positive outcomes to life. This is the one we are always waiting for.


If this transit of Pluto to Venus focuses on finances, it often speaks of potential increases. Money may be inherited or may come from a marriage or partnership, even through business associations. In some cases, finances increase significantly and what was in place is now replaced in substantial ways. No halfway measures are part of this trine.


Sometimes Venus speaks about creative potential and much recognition is possible. Things need to be brought to the surface and ways to express the creativity must be sought out, perhaps through exhibitions or shows, or through the meeting of influential people. It is a time to push forward with creative insights and let others see what creativity is possible.


Feelings can be stimulated under this influence and with a little push, results can materialize. It is important that anyone under this influence not sit back in reflection even though Pluto will make this easy to do. It is important that they push forward and strive to reach their objectives in life, whether this is creative and/or romantic. The energies are in a good place, and they should be used to assist in uncovering what is being searched for.


The natal aspect speaks of potential for capital gain in some charts and has been linked to the charts of millionaires. However the rest of the chart must also link up with this type of energy in order for this to unfold or be part of the profile of an individual.


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