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Posted by [email protected] on June 27, 2022 at 10:10 AM

From July 6 through to July 20, 2022 T Mercury will be moving through the sign of Cancer and then from July 19 to August 11 Venus will also transit through Cancer. Cancerians will be experiencing these energies through out this period intensifying as these planets’ conjunct their natal Sun.


All conjunctions merge with the energies of the planets involved so with Mercury and the Sun goals, aspirations and life’s path will likely undergo some alignment during this time. Cancerians may feel they have a good idea of what and when to push ahead with plans and their life’s path seems to be moving in that direction.


What they undertake now may prove to be a positive step which in some cases may prove to be financially feasible or may add to their resources. Pushing ahead might work in their favour especially if other planets in the natal chart and transits suggest the same. Confirm which house is involved with the conjunction as this will define the area of life affected.


Venus can speak of finances which is why we suggested that resources were part of the energies. Venus and the Sun merging often have very favourable outcomes. This conjunction (or trine or sextile) is energies we wait for.


Venus may also speak of love, affection and socializing. Perhaps this tie in with these energies. Mercury stimulates the mind and often is associated with activity related to communication while Venus can represent love and perhaps the potential for a love affair to grow or an existing one to become enhanced.


T Pluto is in opposition to those with the Sun in Cancer in the later degrees. Oppositions can be difficult and often speak of other people being involved causing some disruption to the flow of things.


If you are being guided by your intuition during this time Neptune’s may be the influence. Neptune in Pisces adds the trine for those born with their Sun in the later degrees of Cancer. This trine is considered a spiritual one or a position that could open the door to intuitive and psychic abilities. The feeling network will be wide open during this time, and you may understand or sense what energies are around you now.


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